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 Post subject: Is Barack Obama the anti-Christ
PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2013 7:43 pm 
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Is Barack Obama the anti-Christ

Is Barack Obama the anti-Christ? Yes, and I can show you beyond reasonable doubt.

The poetic prophecy of the Book of Isaiah is often seen in the New Testament Book of Matthew, and it is thought among Bible scholars that perhaps Matthew was in the original autograph written in Hebrew. Perhaps, it just seems so because of Jewish authorship. In this discussion I think it is important to remember Matthew was Jewish and thought like a Jew.

Many have heard of the Torah code, messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. Although, this is debated among some circles, I believe the truth is that there are hidden messages in the Torah. However, I am not going to ask you to believe the name of the anti-Christ is hidden. Far from it, it is in plain sight! It is Barack Obama!

All you must ask yourself is how the writer of Matthew would say that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ and how would you put it in plain sight?

[b]Luke 10:18

“I beheld Satan as Lightning fall from Heaven.”

Now think like a Prophet of old or a Jewish writer at the time of Christ. Let’s transliterate this phrase from Greek into Hebrew. In Hebrew poetry the concept of lightning is “Baraq” is pronounced as “baw-rawk” hence we have “I beheld Satan as “Baraq” fall from Heaven.” Even in Greek, Barak is LIGHTNING (Strongs Greek word 913) for the name of a person!

Interestingly, the “Greek” verse of Luke 10:18 does not contain an actual Greek word to translate into “Fall”. The Greek word translated as “Fall” appears to be a rare form of a Hebrew word for “transgressions”. So, the words of Jesus in this verse probably refer to heavenly transgressions. The Hebrew word “BAMA” (Strongs Hebrew word 1116) is used to refer to the “heights” of heaven from which Satan fell.

In Hebrew, the letter vau is transliterated as an “O” or “U”. It is primarily used as a conjunction to join concepts together. So, to “join” in Hebrew poetry the concept of lightning (Barack) and the “Heights of Heaven”, the letter “O” is used.

That would be Hebrew for Satan is Lightning (Barack) connected with an “O” and the heights (BAMA) of heaven. So putting this together in the Hebrew mind you would have, “I beheld Satan Barack O Bama.” So what do you say, isn’t this just too close to be an odd coincidence? I beheld Satan - Barack Obama!

I told you it was hidden in plain sight. Anyone transliterating this into Hebrew could spot this, if they were looking for it. We are told that knowledge will increase as we approach the end of time. I believe this knowledge of the anti-Christ’s name has been here staring at us for 2,000 years we just didn’t see it until now the end of time.

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