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 Post subject: Physical Characteristics of Mutilation
PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:56 pm 
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Although the exact nature of mutilations varies from case to case, a typical mutilation may involve any or all of the following

    The removal of eyes, udders and sexual organs very cleanly with surgical precision.
    The removal of the anus to a depth of around 12 inches similar in appearance to surgical coring.
    The removal of the lips and/or tongue deeply cut out from the throat.
    The removal of one ear.
    The removal of major organs (such as heart or liver) with no obvious entry/excision marks. Often, if the heart is missing, apart from no excision wound, the Pericardium will still be present and intact, with the heart missing.
    The stripping of hide and flesh from the jaw and the area directly beneath the ear to the bone.
    The removal of soft organs from the lower body.
    The presence of incisions and cuts across the body that appear to have been made by a surgical instrument.
    Unexplained damage to remaining organs, but no sign of damage to the surrounding area.
    A lack of predation signs (including teethmarks, tearing of the skin or flesh, or animal footprints) on or around the carcass.
    Lack of obvious scavenging.
    In many cases, a draining of the majority of blood from the animal. What blood is left exhibits color anomalies and may not coagulate for days.
    The animal will appear 'dumped' or dropped in a secluded area, with no animal, human or vehicle track(s) leading to or from the site. Some have been found draped over fences or in treetops.
    The ground under the animal appears depressed, as if the animal was dropped on the site from a height leaving an impact crater.
    The animal's bones found to be fractured with injuries consistent with being dropped.
    Strange marks/holes in the ground around the carcass.
    Other cattle avoid the carcass and the area where it's found.
    Eyewitness reports of aerial objects in the vicinity of cattle at the time of an animal going missing.

Samples from the animal's liver were found to be completely devoid of copper and to contain 4 times the normal level of zinc, potassium and phosphorus. The scientists performing the analysis were unable to explain these anomalies.

Blood samples taken at the scene were reported to be "light pink in color" and “Did not clot after several days” while the animal's hide was found to be unusually brittle for a fresh death (the animal was estimated to have been dead for 5 hours) and the flesh underneath was found to be discolored.

Abductions Related Medical Anomalies, an Abductee may Experience

Abnormal blood cells

Implants in the eye, skin, nose and/or anus

Diarrhea, mostly in men

Constipation, mostly in women

Shoulder pain that comes and goes

Lower back pain, three (3) vertebrae up, from the lower lumbar

Knee pain, in the dip of the knee under the knee cap

Rashes, immediately after contact, may be caused by radiation

A Lump in the dip of the collar bone at connection to neck, may cause paralysis or semi-paralysis of arm or arms.

Artery in the wrong place, may indicate a arterial implant

Pregnancy connected with an abduction time period, usually a small fetus

A baby may have an unusual appearance

A child who has ESP and/or is advanced beyond his or her years

An eyelid, which may contract and roll outwards under stress

Eyes may be able to see through the closed eyelids

Visual marks on a body

Scars or geometric forms visually present on the body

Scars on the back of the legs for people born in 1943, seems to indicate skin scraping, i.e., cloning

Hear a buzz, beep or modulated tones in their ear, when going to sleep

When they feel a "Last Breath Feeling", may be just a side-effect of a out-of-body experience

Shaking of the bed, in conjunction with the limbs of the their body floating or rising

Geometric symbols seen in the mind

Tiredness in the morning after a good nights sleep. Feel as though you are worn out, sleep learning

Out of body experiences

Sudden development of ESP

Wryneck, enzyme to the brain, (new development)

Extra vertebrae in the neck

Egg sized lump on the bottom rib

Warts form a geometrical shape after examination, appear to be from some instrument.

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