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PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:49 pm 
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In a vision, I had a grandstand seat view of the Resurrection of the Dead. It’s a short story I will share.

I was driving down the road on a calm sunny day, when all of a sudden I found myself looking into heaven, at the Father Himself! He was sitting upon a large white throne high in the heavens. It seems he looked very old, but the light streaming from him was so bright, I was really unable to make out much in details, but I could see his fingers.

I knew the resurrection of the dead was moments away; I held my breath and thought to myself “surely this is going to be tough, even for the Ancient of Day’s”. I remembered all the people who were blown up in wars, burned, and perhaps only a few particles of their dust remains might be somewhere in existence. So I expected to see the Ancient of Day’s stand up, take a deep breath, raise his arms, and say something like he did when he created light, something like “Come Alive”. He didn’t! I watched he didn’t even raise a finger! He only nodded to an Angel standing by his side, and said, “It is time”. When these words were spoken, this is what I saw.

My attention was immediately directed upon the earth. I saw hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of grave stones blown off of graves, and people blasted out of them like rockets coming out of silos meeting others coming up out of the sea, all heading to Christ standing in the heavens. I was stunned! In my infant wisdom I thought the Ancient of Day’s would at least have to strain to raise the dead, He didn’t. I am convinced from what I saw, anyone dead in Christ will arise regardless of the time or occurrence of death.

I don’t know how the Ancient of Day’s does this, but I do know it isn’t hard for Him!

I looked at my watch it seemed no time had passed. I resumed my attention to driving having not missed, but a blink of the eye.


A Friend of mine wrote in his experience.

It was so very real! I can remember I was lifted up. Like two Angels were holding me on each shoulder. It was so very real. I saw everyone that believed in Jesus was lifted up. I can not explaine how real this was. I was there I felt it. Each one I knew who they where around me. I can only say it was so very real!. We were taken up. The last thought was it is going though my mind was, "it's going to get so very bad on Earth." Before all those who believed were taken up. We knew in our heart, we just knew it He (Jesus) was coming. We just knew! I was there It was real time.

Time I started writing 1:00 AM Jan 10th.

I have not been watching any tv with a Rapture. I have found that right after a dream that I have had I will instantlly wake up! Then I know that I have to write down this down. Its not like a this or that. It is so very real.

http://barry-julie.blogspot.com/2013/01 ... re-it.html

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