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PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:03 pm 
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BY: Karen Russell

Water - bottled (small and large), Water purifiers/filters and containers for water, for anything really, but especially for water. Water runs out faster than you realize so make sure you stock up and have lots of containers)

Generators (Gas only) - be aware that these are noisy so don't use one if you need to remain hidden.

Firewood (preferably seasoned) - Try your best to stock up seasoned wood only. It burns easier. Green wood is very difficult to start a fire with...make sure to have kindling as well. Oil Lamps and oil, wicks and matches (LOTS OF MATCHES), lighters

Portable gas cook stove (do not use in doors unless it's stated that it's safe for indoor use)

Kerosene heaters and kerosene (for heat)

Blankets...lots and lots of blankets, Pillows, Sleeping bags, thermal underwear

Tents...as many as you need for the size of your family

Canned meats, salmon and tuna, vegetables, fruits...try to buy them with a far off expiration date. Most canned goods are safe to use up to 6 to 12 months after it expires...check it before you eat it if it's expired. Also, dry beans (lots of dry beans), lentils, barley, rice, evaporated milk, powdered milk (lots), cereals

Washtubs - for washing clothes, for bathing

Plastic plates, bowls, cups, cutlery

Pots and pans that are sturdy...cast iron and enameled cast iron or stainless steel are the best, potholders, buckets

Flour, sugar, baking needs (baking soda, baking powder, vinegar, oil or lard or shortening, salt [have lots of salt], spices, eggs, brown sugar, syrups and honey, yeast, powdered milk

Portable toilets and toilet paper (if need be, save your newspapers for when you run out of TP - it's better than nothing) also feminine hygiene items.

Hand can openers, cooking utensils, hand beaters (non-electric), whisks

Guns, ammunition, knives, bows and arrows, anything you can use to defend yourself...people will be desperate and try to take it by force so be prepared.

Soaps and shampoos (you can try to find a pond, creek or river if water supply is low. Just be careful), washcloths, cloth diapers (makes great rags), towels

Charcoal, lighter fluid, grill, aluminum foil and plastic baggies, preferable the zipper kind. Freezer bags are sturdier.

Propane fuel (Get it now because it will be very difficult to find in an emergency)

Flashlights and batteries

Radio and batteries

Books for entertainment so you won't get bored. And don't forget your Bible!

First aid kits, bandages, lotions, anti-itch cream, muscle cream, Tylenol and Ibuprofen (and maintenance prescriptions, if possible), Benadryl (for allergies and allergic reactions), alcohol, cotton swabs, Q-tips, Peroxide, Calamine lotion, antibacterial cream and ointment, iodine, medicated wipes

Bug spray - for body and living quarters

Saws, axes, hammers, hatches

Warm clothing and summer clothing, underwear, socks, sturdy shoes, hiking boots

Garbage bags of various sizes

Paper towels and tissues

Gas cans and kerosene cans, fuel oil containers

Garden seeds and herbal seeds..some herbs can be used for remedies...buy a book of herbal rememdies and how to use them. It is invaluable.

Toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash [Listerene, if possible], lotions, razors, shaving cream)

Clothes pins and clothes lines (also a washboard if you can find one)

Dogs (for hunting and protection), dog food

Ice chests to keep foods from freezing in the wintertime or to use snow in to keep food cold in winter time)

Garbage cans, plastic containers (try to get them with wheels) use for storage

Hunting and fishing supplies

Scissors, fabric, thread, sewing supplies

Bleach (for sterilizing water and other things)

Bikes if possible

Candles...big candles and tapered, also candle holders

If using any type of fuel in a tent, get a carbon monoxide detector

Cats...to keep rodents away and cat food

Paper, pencils, pens, tape, journals, reading glasses, erasers

Siphons and hand pumps

Baby wipes and hand sanitizers

Rubber boots, rain gear

Fishing supplies

Gloves - all types

Snacks...beef jerky, popcorn, trail mix, raisins, cocoa (for baking), chocolate, dried fruits, cheeses that will last without refrigeration, coffee, teas (including herbal...they are a real benefit), peanuts and nuts, sunflower seeds (in shell), M&M's (they don't melt easily), hard candy and gum

Survival books and pamphlets

Lighters and plenty of stick matches

Files for sharpening knives, blades, saws, tools

Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters, and the New World Order


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