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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:40 am 
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You need a family strong hold!

You should have a family stronghold, a retreat, a back road hollow somewhere. A place in which you can live on local wherewithal when things get bad, which they will, you need a place to go to.
Why? Can one know, if the future is apocalyptic? Will humanity get better or worse, and how can we know? How bad is the future? Are there ways of reducing the badness?

The collapse of nations and societies are neither unusual nor unforeseeable. Societies rise run into hard times or more likely war and are thrown into collapse: We are all familiar with the Roman Empire, how it rose and then fell to a lower level of functioning. How low Rome fell is dependent upon the author, but is best described by Gibbon and amounts to the Roman Empire succumbing to barbarian invasions largely due to decay of morals among its rulers and citizens.

The collapse of the Soviet Union has been well documented. Although no walk in the park, people did not revert to the lowest dregs of human existence, nor has two World Wars lowered the majority of people to a meager existence. Sure South Africa with its regime, Rwanda, and others have not been a pretty picture, but perhaps neither is the future. Some might say, well Iceland collapsed in 2008-2009 undergoing huge economic failure, but managed well. While this might be reassuring to some people this isn’t a likely outcome.

People will not stand in a soup line in an orderly fashion awaiting their cup of watered down soup, no they will simple take from does who have, for themselves, people no longer entertain the imagery of desire to be Robin Hoods. They may run in the hoods, but they are not Robin Hoods.

I cannot imagine a scenario in which the US does not collapse.

What do you need to survive a disaster? First, you need access to water a spring, a well, or lots of storage. Second, maintain a stock of canned goods and dried food.

First, get to your family stronghold. Your "get out of Dodge" back should already be in your trunk. Second, hide and camouflage. You don’t want to be found! Third, get ready to bargain. You should already have gold and silver coins. Fourth, bring the guns out of storage you will need them.


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